Angela Frye

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Four men and four women with similar VO2max (56.33 +/- 4.05 and 54.08 +/- 4.27, respectively) exercised up to 3 h at 30% VO2max during heat stress tests (HST) before and after acclimation to dry heat [dry-bulb temperature (Tdb)/wet-bulb temperature (Twb) = 48/25 degrees C]. Rectal (Tre), tympanic sweat on the chest (msw), and total sweat rate(More)
Rectal (Tre) and mean skin temperatures, heart rate (fc) and sweat rate (Msw) during exercise in a hot, dry environment were compared among four menstrual women (both before and after ovulation), four amenorrheal women and four men, all with similar aerobic capacities. Progesterone and estrogen were compared in a pair of monozygotic twins (one menstrual and(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was designed to evaluate predictors of hospital length of stay (LOS) and readmissions among nonsurgical ischemic stroke patient, and the impact of inpatient medication management. METHODS This retrospective cohort study includes adult patients (≥18 years) hospitalized with a diagnosis of nonsurgical ischemic stroke from November 2007(More)
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