Angela Feyerabend

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PURPOSE To compare the accuracy of spiral computed tomography (CT) with that of ventilation-perfusion (V-P) scintigraphy in the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism (PE). MATERIALS AND METHODS Fifty-four patients in whom indeterminate V-P scans or discordant clinical and scintigraphic results were obtained underwent both V-P scanning and contrast(More)
The present study was designed to characterize the human tumor nucleolar antigens found first in the HeLa cells and subsequently in a broad range of human cancers. For visualization of the antigens, HeLa cell nucleolar or nuclear protein fractions were analyzed on 4% polyacrylamide isoelectric focusing gels. The gels were incubated with rabbit antisera to(More)
Total-body, lumbar spine, and hip bone mineral density (BMD) scans were obtained in postmenopausal women to examine regional variations in mineralization of trabecular bone. One hundred ninety-nine patients were studied with dual-energy photon absorptiometry (DPA) and/or dual x-ray absorptiometry (DXA). Comparison of BMD at the different sites showed(More)
We developed a method for autoradiographic mapping of regional cerebral transit time (CTT) by simultaneously measuring local cerebral blood flow (LCBF) and local cerebral blood volume (LCBV). Previously described single-tracer techniques for determination of LCBF and LCBV were modified for dual-tracer,99mTc and14C, autoradiography and used to create digital(More)
A solid-state, personal computer-based, image digitization and transmission system was developed that uses integrated services digital network (ISDN), a technology under development for ultra-high-speed data transmission over normal phone lines. Thousands of images have been transmitted to a site more than 15 miles away, with data rates exceeding 56,000(More)
The authors evaluated the potential of a microcomputer for direct acquisition, display, and processing of gamma camera images. Boards for analog-to-digital conversion and image zooming were designed, constructed, and interfaced to the Macintosh II (Apple Computer, Cupertino, Calif). Software was written for processing of single, gated, and time series(More)
Bone marrow is most often the dose-limiting organ in radiation immunotherapy. Controversy exists over optimal methods of estimating radiation dose to bone marrow. The authors compared findings in serial blood samples to findings in bone marrow biopsy samples as measures of bone marrow activity from which to calculate bone marrow dose. Peripheral blood(More)
Discordance between effective renal plasma flow (ERPF) measurements from radionuclide techniques that use single versus multiple plasma samples was investigated. In particular, the authors determined whether effects of variations in distribution volume (Vd) of iodine-131 iodohippurate on measurement of ERPF could be ignored, an assumption implicit in the(More)
Imaging of tumors by using radiolabeled monoclonal antibodies (MoAs) is hindered by the presence of background activity. To reduce this problem, the authors investigated the process of removing labeled MoAs from plasma at selected times by means of extracorporeal immunoadsorption. In seven patients with either lung or breast carcinoma, an indium-111-labeled(More)
We investigated the possibility that persons with sickle cell trait who reside chronically at moderately high altitude might develop impaired splenic reticuloendothelial function. Seventeen healthy young black men with sickle trait who had lived at greater than or equal to 1,609 m for greater than or equal to 10 years participated in the study along with 25(More)
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