Angela Douglas

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PURPOSE Chromosome 3 loss and chromosome 8 gains in uveal melanoma are associated with metastatic death. Since 1999, we have offered cytogenetic analysis to patients treated by local resection or enucleation. This study correlated our cytogenetic results with clinical and histologic predictors and disease-specific mortality. DESIGN Nonrandomized case(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the association between specific sperm morphologic abnormalities and sperm chromosomal abnormalities on multicolor interphase fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH). DESIGN Case report. Reproductive medicine unit in a tertiary referral center. PATIENT(S) Three infertile men with severe oligoasthenospermia and total(More)
Symbiotic associations involving intracellular microorganisms and animals are widespread, especially for species feeding on poor or unbalanced diets. Buchnera aphidicola, the obligate intracellular bacterium associated with most aphid species, provides its hosts with essential amino acids (EAAs), nutrients in short supply in the plant phloem sap. The(More)
Of the 617 genes from Buchnera aphidicola, the obligate bacterial symbiont of the pea aphid, 23% were differentially expressed in embryos compared to adults. Genes involved in flagellar apparatus and riboflavin synthesis exhibited particularly robust upregulation in embryos, suggesting functional differences between the symbiosis in the adult and embryo(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim is to identify the role and scope of Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) services in the mental health sector and to provide insight as to how AEPs can contribute to the multidisciplinary mental health team. METHODS A modified Delphi approach was utilised. Thirteen AEPs with experience in mental health contributed to the iterative(More)
This study was conducted to investigate the possibility that TP53 mRNA is variably expressed in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) and that under-expression is associated with TP53 dysfunction and adverse outcome. Although TP53 mRNA levels did indeed vary among the 104 CLL samples examined, this variability resulted primarily from over-expression of TP53(More)
In chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL), TP53 mutation and deletion are strongly associated with one another and with adverse clinical outcome. Mutant TP53 protein typically accumulates to high levels and has been reported to have transcriptional regulatory activity distinct from that of wild-type TP53. To investigate whether such an effect is relevant to(More)
Survival analysis is used when we wish to study the occurrence of some event in a population of subjects and the time until the event of interest. This time is called survival time or failure time. Survival analysis is often used in industrial life-testing experiments and in clinical follow-up studies. Examples of application include: time until failure of(More)