Angela D'antonio

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OBJECTIVES We evaluated lifestyle interventions for diabetic persons who live in rural communities. METHODS We conducted a 12-month randomized clinical trial (n = 152) of "intensive-lifestyle" (modeled after the NIH Diabetes Prevention Program) and "reimbursable-lifestyle" (intensive-lifestyle intervention delivered in the time allotted for Medicare(More)
We evaluated the feasibility of recruiting overweight adults with diabetes, living in rural, medically underserved communities, to a weight management intervention consisting of a 12-month clinical trial of two weight management programs and usual care. The sampling frame consisted of adults ages 45 years and older with clinically diagnosed diabetes from(More)
Authors underline the neuropeptides function in the arising of the allergic modulation: the relationship between eNANC-iNANC systems, their mediators and the production of cytokines and immunoglobulins. The above demonstrates that the peptidergic system has a primary role in the complex pathogenetic mechanism of the allergic asthma.
Histamine determines a variety of physiologic and pathologic responses in different tissues and cells and it is an important chemical mediator on inflammation in allergic disease. Therefore the H1-receptor antagonist are among the most widely used medications in the world. We review here the molecular basis of their action and their clinical pharmacology,(More)
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