Angela D'Amato

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BACKGROUND Although it is acknowledged that obsessive-compulsive (OC) patients may be slower than healthy controls in performing neuropsychological tests, speed has usually been treated as a confounding variable. It is possible, however, that the slower performance of OC patients is itself the result of a dysfunction of specific neural circuits (in(More)
BACKGROUND The constant increase in the elderly population worldwide has led to a greater interest in immunologic responses during aging. Thus, special attention to allergic diseases in elderly people has begun to emerge, but little is known about the effect and features of allergic rhinitis in elderly people. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the clinical and(More)
The present study explored the frequency of neuromorphological, neurological and neuropsychological abnormalities in 13 patients with an ICD-8/9 diagnosis of simple schizophrenia, also fulfilling DSM-IV criteria for 'simple deteriorative disorder', and in 13 matched patients with an ICD-8/9 diagnosis of a subtype of schizophrenia other than simple(More)
OBJECTIVES Cognitive frailty, a condition describing the simultaneous presence of physical frailty and mild cognitive impairment, has been recently defined by an international consensus group. We estimated the predictive role of a "reversible" cognitive frailty model on incident dementia, its subtypes, and all-cause mortality in nondemented older(More)
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