Angela C. Poole

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Host genetics and the gut microbiome can both influence metabolic phenotypes. However, whether host genetic variation shapes the gut microbiome and interacts with it to affect host phenotype is unclear. Here, we compared microbiotas across >1,000 fecal samples obtained from the TwinsUK population, including 416 twin pairs. We identified many microbial taxa(More)
Human microbiome research is an actively developing area of inquiry, with ramifications for our lifestyles, our interactions with microbes, and how we treat disease. Advances depend on carefully executed, controlled, and reproducible studies. Here, we provide a Primer for researchers from diverse disciplines interested in conducting microbiome research. We(More)
OBJECTIVES As an alternative to statewide, mandated surveillance for antibiotic-resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae, a sentinel surveillance network of 27 hospitals was developed in Washington State. METHODS The utility of targeted surveillance in population centers was assessed, current laboratory susceptibility testing practices were evaluated, and a(More)
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