Angela Browne

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The aggregate relationship between homicide and alcohol availability is well established across a number of national and sub-national settings in North America, Europe and some parts of Asia. However, results linking youth homicide and alcohol availability at the retail level are largely absent from the literature, especially at the city level and across(More)
Although injury is the leading cause of death for Americans aged 40 and under, curricula in U.S. Schools of Public Health rarely include training on injury prevention or control. Domestically and internationally, when the topic of injury is addressed, the focus is often on unintentional injuries. Yet intentional injuries from violence and self-harm (apart(More)
The history of solitary confinement in the United States stretches from the silent prisons of 200 years ago to today's supermax prisons, mechanized panopticons that isolate tens of thousands, sometimes for decades. We examined the living conditions and characteristics of the populations in solitary confinement. As part of the growing movement for reform,(More)
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