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Conjugate additions of nucleophiles (e.g. enolates, amines and malonate anions) to bis(p-tolylsulfinyl)alkenes, alkylidene-1,3-dithiane-1,3-dioxides and alkylidene-1,3-dithiolane-1,3-dioxides have recently been published. Reasons for different selectivities and reaction rates will be discussed by consideration of steric and electronic effects. The preferred(More)
Oriented circular dichroism (OCD) is explored and successfully applied to investigate chiral surface-anchored metal-organic frameworks (SURMOFs) based on camphoric acid (D- and Lcam) with the composition [Cu2(Dcam)(2x)(Lcam)(2-2x)(dabco)]n (dabco = 1,4-diazabicyclo-[2.2.2]-octane). The three-dimensional chiral SURMOFs with high-quality orientation were(More)
Films comprising predominantly novel isomers of C(60) [=C(60)(nIPR)] have been generated by low energy ion beam deposition of vibronically excited C(60)(+) onto graphite followed by selective sublimation of C(60)(I(h)) from the deposited isomer mixture. The incident ions were generated by electron impact ionization/fragmentation of sublimed C(70). Images of(More)
The influence of electron donors and electron acceptors of variable strength in the 4 and 4' position of 2 and 2' propyl-bridged axial chiral biphenyl cyclophanes on their atropisomerization process was studied. Estimated free energies ΔG(‡)(T) of the rotation around the central biphenyl bond which were obtained from (1)H-NMR coalescence measurements were(More)
An approach for the systematic determination of particularly stable hydride compositions C(n)H(2x) of a fullerene C(n) is presented. The study is divided into three parts. First, a CCSD(T) benchmark study on benzene and naphthalene hydrogenation is carried out. We show that the TPSS and BP86 functionals give more reliable relative isomer energies and(More)
The unexpected but facile preparation of the silver salt of the least coordinating [(RO)3Al-F-Al(OR)3]- anion (R=C(CF3)3) by reaction of Ag[Al(OR)4] with one equivalent of PCl3 is described. The mechanism of the formation of Ag[(RO)3Al-F-Al(OR)3] is explained based on the available experimental data as well as on quantum chemical calculations with the(More)
UV-visible and resonance Raman spectra of Ti(2) isolated in Ar, Kr, and Xe matrices at temperatures of 10 K were measured by using the 514 nm line of an Ar ion laser. The data show that the Ti(2) molecule interacts strongly with Xe, leading to a significant weakening of the Ti[bond]Ti bond strength. The f(Ti[bond]Ti) force constant decreases in the series(More)
We developed an asymmetric organocatalytic synthesis of 4,6-bis(1H-indole-3-yl)-piperidine-2-carboxylates using 10 mol% of a chiral phosphoric acid. The products, which are novel bisindole-piperidine-amino acid hybrids, can be obtained in one step from 3-vinyl indoles with imino esters in dichloromethane at room temperature after 1 h of reaction time. A(More)
NH···π hydrogen bonds occur frequently between the amino acid side groups in proteins and peptides. Data-mining studies of protein crystals find that ∼80% of the T-shaped histidine···aromatic contacts are CH···π, and only ∼20% are NH···π interactions. We investigated the infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) spectra of the supersonic-jet-cooled(More)
2,2'-Biphenols are a large and diverse group of compounds with exceptional properties both as ligands and bioactive agents. Traditional methods for their synthesis by oxidative dimerisation are often problematic and lead to mixtures of ortho- and para-connected regioisomers. To compound these issues, an intermolecular dimerisation strategy is often(More)