Angela Berger

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Reovirus infection leads to apoptosis in both cultured cells and the murine central nervous system (CNS). NF-kappaB-driven transcription of proapoptotic cellular genes is required for the effector phase of the apoptotic response. Although both extrinsic death-receptor signaling pathways and intrinsic pathways involving mitochondrial injury are implicated in(More)
The goal of the Reference Architecture for Secure Smart Grids in Austria (RASSA) initiative is to design and establish a technical reference architecture specification in coordination with all relevant stakeholders. This goal is realized across multiple projects. This paper first motivates the need for developing a coordinated smart grids reference(More)
Reovirus induces apoptosis both in cell culture and in vivo. The pathogenicity of reovirus is dependent on the capacity of the virus to induce apoptosis in infected host cells. Both the activation of NF-B and the cleavage of proapoptotic Bcl-2 family member Bid are required for apoptosis induction. Though both NF-B activation and Bid cleavage occur(More)
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