Angela Beninato

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In this paper a novel pumping strategy, based on the use of a single drop of ferrofluid as the active mass and an analog driving system, is presented. The absence of mechanical moving parts and solid-inertial masses provides high reliability and the possibility to implement the pumping mechanism on pre-existing channels. Experiments dedicated to estimate(More)
In this paper a piezoelectric sensor able to measure vibrational energy, to store energy and to transmit data has been presented. The possibility to take advantage of external and not deterministic vibrations is of great interest in the modern research. Vibration energy can be exploited to supply sensors, to transmit data or to measure kinetic energy. The(More)
Multiferroic materials represent a very attractive class of materials due to the coupling between their electric and magnetic orders. A recent paper has demonstrated that a thin film of BDFO shows a good magnetoelectric coupling. Based on such a peculiarity, multiferroic composites can be successfully used to realize sensors of both electric and magnetic(More)
− In this paper an inductive integrated sensor for biomedical applications is investigated through analytical models and numerical simulations such to obtain an optimized device design. This biosensor addressed here is based on the use of magnetic particles that suitably coated act as markers of the bio-molecule to be detected. The sensing principle of the(More)
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