Angel Utset

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Ž . A calibrated Four-Electrode Probe FEP was used for inexpensive and indirect determinations Ž . of salinity-sensor Electrical Conductivity EC in a plot at Cauto Valley, Cuba. Two transects Ž . Ž . were made in the North–South N–S and East–West E–W directions. Laboratory measurements of soil EC were also made from samples taken on a 50-m spaced square(More)
The SWACROP root-water uptake function for potatoes was determined in the 1994–95 crop season on a Ferralsol in Havana province, west Cuba. The maximum pressure-heads under which water is optimally extracted by potato roots were very similar to the original Feddes function. Nevertheless, the anaerobiosis point and the wilting point pressure-head in both(More)
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