Angel Sanchez

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Coordination among different options is key for a functioning and efficient society. However, often coordination failures arise, resulting in serious problems both at the individual and the societal level. An additional factor intervening in the coordination process is individual mobility, which takes place at all scales in our world, and whose effect on(More)
The emergence of cooperation among unrelated human subjects is a long-standing conundrum that has been amply studied both theoretically and experimentally. Within the question, a less explored issue relates to the gender dependence of cooperation, which can be traced back to Darwin, who stated that "women are less selfish but men are more competitive".(More)
Nowadays, the percentage of elderly people is increasing, especially in developed countries. Technological products can be used to propel a cohesive and inclusive inter-generational society, although they should be adapted to satisfy the needs and preferences of elderly people. In this paper, we present 3D virtual agents as a promising system to improve the(More)
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