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In the snake, Natrix maura, and the turtle, Mauremys caspica, the basal processes of the ependymal cells of the subcommissural organ project toward the local blood vessels and the leptomeninges. These processes and their endings were studied using aldehyde-fuchsin (AF), periodic-acid Schiff (PAS), periodic-acid silver-methenamine (PA-SM), concanavalin A(More)
Primary melanoma of the esophagus (PME) is an uncommon malignancy with less than 250 cases reported in the literature. Amelanotic PME is exceedingly rare and accounts for 10-25% of melanomas of the esophagus. A 59-year-old male with a history of mild dysphagia, heartburn, moderate anorexia and weight loss for 1 month is described. Barium swallow examination(More)
An immunocytochemical study of the magnocellular neurosecretory nuclei was performed in the snake Natrix maura and the turtle Mauremys caspica by use of antisera against: (1) a mixture of both bovine neurophysins, (2) bovine oxytocin-neurophysin, (3) arginine vasotocin, and (4) mesotocin. Arginine vasotocin- and mesotocin-immunoreactivities were localized(More)
BACKGROUND Most comparative studies on different preparations for colonic cleanliness use unvalidated scales with terms as "excellent," "good," "fair," and "poor" which lack standardized definitions. The Boston Bowel Preparation Scale (BBPS) is a valid and simple measure of bowel preparation. OBJECTIVE To compare three different bowel preparations(More)
During 2 years (1988-1990) 373 patients were studied by ERCP in order to establish the etiology of cholestasis. Biliary duct stones were found in 190. Thirty-nine were treated surgically and 151 by endoscopic sphincterotomy and different extraction techniques. In 12 patients of the last group (9 women, 3 men, mean age 71 years, 9 had undergone(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS The association of celiac disease with colorectal neoplasia is controversial. The aim of this study was to determine the risk of colorectal neoplasia among patients with celiac disease. METHODS We carried out a multicenter, retrospective case-control study, within four community hospitals. Celiac disease patients with a complete(More)
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