Angel Moreno

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Automated pattern recognition techniques are needed to help radiologists categorize MRS data of brain tumors according to histological type and grade. A major question is whether a computer program "trained" on spectra from one hospital will be able to classify those from another, particularly if the acquisition protocol is different. A subset of 144(More)
Delayed acquisition of developmental motor and cognitive milestones is a common clinical expression of many etiological processes. Imaging exams of developmentally delayed children often show no structural brain alterations despite suspicion of brain maturation delay. MRI studies increasingly suggest that white matter myelination finely reflects the(More)
The present study was designed to compare the electrophysiological characteristics of the principalis, oralis and interpolaris nuclei of the trigeminal sensory complex under stimulation of the vibrissae by air puffs. This stimulus generates deflection profiles resembling those induced by contact with real objects in natural conditions. Three populations of(More)
Sensory information handling is an essentially nonstationary process even under a periodic stimulation. We show how the time evolution of ridges in the wavelet spectrum of spike trains can be used for quantification of the dynamical stability of the neuronal responses to a stimulus. We employ this method to study neuronal responses in trigeminal nuclei of(More)
Personal homepages, blogs or virtual communities have contributed to the birth of the Social Networks. The success of these platforms will continue to increase while they are able to offer tools and services to improve users' social relationships. The rapid evolution of social networks, the growing business opportunities and the possibility to apply new(More)
In this paper it is explained how to solve a fully connected N-City travelling salesman problem (TSP) using a genetic algorithm. A crossover operator to use in the simulation of a genetic algorithm (GA) with DNA is presented. The aim of the paper is to follow the path of creating a new computational model based on DNA molecules and genetic operations. This(More)
In this paper we present a practical implementation of a multiuser technical laboratory that combines Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Bluetooth (BT) techniques. The objective is to build an m-learning environment where students can work in a customized way. Applying BT capabilities this domain can be isolated into a classroom and used by several learners(More)
Self organized systems have been widely studied during the past decades. The definition of a concrete collective behavior in a population and the interaction between the individuals is known as swarm intelligence (SI). By observing natural conducts, some SI models that are very popular nowadays have been developed recently like Ant Colony Optimization or(More)