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This work presents a thermodynamic model of equilibrium states of binary structure II gas hydrates of hydrogen with different promoters based on the van der Waals-Platteeuw statistical thermodynamic model. Since the determination of the occupancy of the small cavities by hydrogen is still an unresolved question, the model allows for multiple occupancy of(More)
A thermodynamic model of equilibrium states of structure sH clathrate hydrates of hydrogen with methyl tert-butyl ether, methyl cylohexane, or 1,1-dimethyl cyclohexane is presented. The model uses the van der Waals-Platteeuw statistical-thermodynamical model to represent the hydrates and the cubic-plus-association equation of state to represent the fluid(More)
In the perspective of production of dry therapeutic protein formulations, spray drying of lysozyme (as a model protein) into supercritical carbon dioxide was studied. The effects of the nozzle (i.e., co-current coaxial converging and converging-diverging, and T-mixer impinging) and process conditions (i.e., flow rates, pressure) on the drying of the(More)
The objective of this work is to study the binary He-THF hydrate with both experimental and theoretical approaches. Experimental data for the hydrate equilibrium at pressures up to 12.6 MPa are reported for the binary He-THF hydrate with stoichiometric THF composition (i.e., 5.56 mol % THF). These data are used to calibrate a thermodynamic model [J. Phys.(More)
1 Laboratory for Process Equipment, Delft University of Technology, Leeghwaterstraat 44, 2628 CA Delft, the Netherlands *Phone: +31 15 2785561 , Fax: +31 15 2786975, 2 FeyeCon D&I B.V., Rijnkade 17a, 1382 GS Weesp, the Netherlands 3 Departamento de Ingeniería Química y Tecnología del Medio Ambiente, Facultad de Ciencias,(More)
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