Angel M . López

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The tendency of prostate cancer to produce osteoblastic bone metastases suggests that cancer cells and osteoblasts interact in ways that contribute to cancer progression. To identify factors that mediate these interactions, we compared gene expression patterns between two bone-derived prostate cancer cell lines that produce osteoblastic (MDA PCa 2b) or(More)
We discuss a new method for setting limits on small signals in the presence of background noise. The method is based on a combination of a two dimensional confidence region and the large sample approximation to the likelihood ratio test statistic. It automatically quotes upper limits for small signals and two-sided confidence intervals for larger samples.(More)
PURPOSE To determine whether the length and depth of the calcarine sulcus are associated and can be used for estimating the size of the primary visual area (area 17) and other regions in MR images of the human occipital lobe. METHODS The length and depth of the calcarine sulcus and the projection areas of the mesial surface of the occipital lobe and of(More)
Fifty six patients among whom 39 had white matter diseases had MRI of the brain comparing FLAIR sequence to a conventional proton density sequence. Flair sequence allowed to detect 18 additional hypersignal (HS) that were not present on T2 sequence. These HS were located in the periventricular areas for 5 of them, near the cortical sulci in 10, and in the(More)
The aim of this magnetic resonance imaging study was to find a geometrical characterization of the deeper part of the corpus callosum. Its shape was studied in 12 middle-aged persons free of white matter pathology. Profiles of curvatures were measured showing that this surface was close to a minimal one, especially at the genu and near the splenium. To(More)
New MR softwares allow a dynamic display of different fonctionnal anatomical regions. This work is a first attempt to visualize the ocular movements. A video tape constitute the support of our results. Technically, the work is performed on a Signa 1,5 T GE CGR System. During each MR acquisition, the subject is asked to fix his gaze successively on each spot(More)
In view of the variety of 3D representation techniques, a clinical study was carried out in order to evaluate their respective usefulness. It appears that a single technique cannot be claimed to be valid for all clinical situations and that a combination of representations brings more relevant information. Among the different techniques a clear delineation(More)
We have studied the inclusive photon spectra in Upsilon(2S) and Upsilon(3S) decays using a large statistics data sample obtained with the CLEO III detector. We present the most precise measurements of electric dipole (E1) photon transition rates and photon energies for Upsilon(2S) --> gammachi(bJ)(1P) and Upsilon(3S) --> gammachi(bJ)(2P) (J = 0, 1, 2). We(More)
We discuss a method for correcting the bias in the limits for small signals if those limits were found based on cuts that were chosen by minimizing a criterion such as sensitivity. Such a bias is commonly present when a ”minimization” and an ”evaluation” are done at the same time. We propose to use a variant of the bootstrap to adjust the limits. A Monte(More)