Angel L. Garrido

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Reading is a fundamental skill that each person needs to develop during early childhood and continue to enhance into adulthood. While children/teenagers depend on this skill to advance academically and become educated individuals, adults are expected to acquire a certain level of proficiency in reading so that they can engage in social/civic activities and(More)
The vast amount of text documents stored in digital format is growing at a frantic rhythm each day. Therefore, tools able to find accurate information searching in natural language information repositories are gaining great interest in recent years. In this context, there are especially interesting tools capable of dealing with large amounts of text(More)
Today in media companies there is a serious problem for cataloging news due to the large number of articles received by the documentation departments. That manual labor is subject to many errors and omissions because of the different points of view and expertise level of each staff member. There is also an additional difficulty due to the large size of the(More)
Nowadays media companies have difficulties for managing large amounts of news from agencies and self-made articles. Journalists and documentalists must face categorization tasks every day. There is also an additional trouble due to the usual large size of the list of words in a thesaurus, the typical tool used to tag news in the media. In this paper, we(More)
Recently, there has been an exponential growth in the amount of digital data stored in repositories. Therefore, the efficient and effective retrieval of information from them has become a key issue. Organizations use traditional architectures and methodologies based on classical relational databases, but these approaches do not consider the semantics of the(More)
Nowadays the vast amount of text-based information stored in organizations requires different approaches and new tools in order to manage it adequately. This paper presents Hypatia, a support expert system for documentation departments and regular users that exploits not only local information, but also external resources from the Web (e.g., Linked Data).(More)
Recommendation systems have become increasingly popular these days. Their utility has been proved to filter and to suggest items archived at web sites to the users. Even though recommendation systems have been developed for the past two decades, existing recommenders are still inadequate to achieve their objectives and must be enhanced to generate appealing(More)
Today, we can find a vast amount of textual information stored in proprietary data stores. The experience of searching information in these systems could be improved in a remarkable manner if we combine these private data stores with the information supplied by the Internet, merging both data sources to get new knowledge. In this paper, we propose an(More)