Angel López Nicolás

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This paper investigates the relationship between health shocks and labour outcomes in the Spanish population using the European Community Household Panel. In order to control for the non-experimental nature of the data we use difference in difference and matching techniques. Our results suggest that there is a significant effect running from health to the(More)
This paper presents an econometric analysis of the effect of policy instruments such as prices, restrictions to use and health warnings on the decisions to start and quit smoking. The duration up to starting and up to quitting is represented with several parametric models for the hazard function, and statistical tests are used to choose the best(More)
This paper develops an empirical strategy to estimate whether subsidies to private medical insurance are self-financing in countries where public and private insurance coexist and the latter covers the same treatments as the former. We construct a simulation routine based on a micro-econometric discrete choice model that allows us to evaluate the impact of(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the patterns of utilisation for three types of public health services (outpatient specialist visits, emergency visits and hospitalisations) in the Comunidad Autónoma de la Región de Murcia. We examine the differences between the average rates of utilization of these services among natives and non-Spanish immigrants, and whether these(More)
BACKGROUND Public policies are crucial for smoking prevention and improving health among the population. Despite the positive impact in Spain of the law for smoking prevention in 2006, there is room for further improvement in this area of public policy. The estimate of the mortality cost per pack of cigarretes is a crucial factor in cost-benefit analysis(More)
This paper reviews the main arguments put forward from Economics in the area of tobacco control, and provides a detailed description of market failures from both the traditional perspective and recent literature advances. It concludes that smoking is a personal choice that can generate net welfare losses for the society, the smokers family and, above, all(More)
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