Angel López-Cima

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This paper presents how to build an ontology in the legal domain following the ontology development methodology METHONTOLOGY and using the ontology engineering workbench WebODE. Both of them have been widely used to develop ontologies in many other domains. The ontology used to illustrate this paper has been extracted from an existing class taxonomy(More)
This paper presents ODESeW (Semantic Web Portal based on WebODE platform [1]) as an ontology-based application that automatically generates and manages a knowledge portal for Intranets and Extranets. ODESeW is designed on the top of WebODE ontology engineering platform. This paper shows the service architecture that allows configuring the visualization of(More)
A Semantic Web portal is a Web application that offers information and services related to a specific domain, and that has been developed with Semantic Web technology. For the time being, the main difference with respect to a traditional Web portal is based on technological aspects: traditional Web portals are based on standard Web technology (HTML, XML,(More)
ODESeW allows developing ontology-based Web portals. It provides functionalities to edit and browse information, taking into account access privileges, and to update automatically changes carried out on the underlying ontologies. In this paper, we describe the ontologies used in a specific deployment of the ODESeW platform, oriented to the management of EU(More)
This paper presents the approach followed by the ODESeW framework for the development of ontology-based Web applications. ODESeW eases the creation of this type of applications by allowing the use of the expression language JSTL over ontology components, using a data model that reflects the knowledge representation of common ontology languages and that is(More)
We present ODEWiki, a technology for the development of Semantic Wikis, which has a combined set of added-value features over other existing semantic wikis in the state of the art. Namely, ODEWiki interoperates with an existing semantic portal technology (ODESeW), it manages inconsistencies raised because of the distributed nature of knowledge base(More)
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