Angel Jesus Varela-Vaca

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Filtering is a very important issue in next generation networks. These networks consist of a relatively high number of resource constrained devices with very special features, such as managing frequent topology changes. At each topology change, the access control policy of all nodes of the network must be automatically modified. In order to manage these(More)
Firewalls provide the first line of defence of nearly all networked institutions today. However, Firewall ACLs could have inconsistencies, allowing traffic that should be denied or vice versa. In this paper, we analyze the inconsistency characterization problem as a separate problem of the diagnosis one, and propose formal definitions in order to(More)
Writing and managing firewall ACLs are hard, tedious, time-consuming and error-prone tasks for a wide range of reasons. During these tasks, inconsistent rules can be introduced. An inconsistent firewall ACL implies in general a design fault, and indicates that the firewall is accepting traffic that should be denied or vice versa. This can result in severe(More)