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OBJECTIVE To present our experience with squamous cell carcinoma of the penis. METHODS We reviewed our series of 73 squamous cell carcinoma of the penis over the last 23 years. Patient mean age was 65.7 years. All lesions had been previously biopsied. Patient records were reviewed for a history of phimosis and related lesions. The histological, clinical(More)
OBJECTIVES Report a new case of renal angiosarcoma treated by surgery and adjuvant chemotherapy with bad results. METHODS 72-year-old male undergoing right nephrectomy for renal tumor. Pathology reports renal angiosarcoma. RESULTS Three months after surgery patient refers lumbar pain and hemoptysis and CT scan reveals the existence of multiple bone and(More)
OBJECTIVES Intravenous urography (IVU) has been classically considered as an essential examination in the great majority of urologic diseases due to the great amount of information that supplies both functional and morphological, mainly for ureteral abnormalities where other exams do not reach enough definition. Nevertheless, there are cases in which it is(More)
OBJECTIVES Aneurysmatic processes of the renal artery after transplant are rare entities, generally secondary to technical defects or infectious pictures. Among other presentations, dissecting aneurysm are exceptional, having a particularly difficult diagnosis due to the lack of specific clinical data which could differentiate them from other processes such(More)
INTRODUCTION The description of the first laparoscopic nephrectomy made a revolution in the managing of the benign and malignant renal diseases. Hand-assisted laparoscopy (HAL) was developed with the aim of offering advantages to both patients and surgeons. The aim of the present work is to compare, in our experience, the results offered in the radical(More)
Herein we report on a 70-year-old patient with invasive angiomyxoma of the scrotum that had evolved for more than 30 years. The tumor's enormous size (4.225 gms.), its rarity and clinical behaviour are highlighted. There was no distant metastasis and tumor recurrence was by local infiltration. Its histologic features, which are like those of myxomatous(More)
Many space-filling injuries (e.g. haematoma, abscess, aneurysm, lymphocele, neoplasia etc.) may result in extrinsic compression of the bladder. We contribute one case report of compression of the bladder from collateral venous circulation in a patient who came for a left varicocele.
OBJECTIVE Asymptomatic microhematuria continues to be a problem. It has a prevalence of 16% and numerous conditions can present this clinical manifestation. METHODS A prospective study was carried out on all patients that consulted at the urological services during 2000 for asymptomatic hematuria. Patients presenting with irritative symptoms, urethral(More)
The present study reports our experience in 45 patients submitted to percutaneous nephrostomy. We describe the indications of this procedure and highlight its efficacy in making etiologic diagnosis and recovering renal function. Similarly, we underscore its efficacy in the treatment of sepsis, anuria, and dissolution of uric acid calculi. The low incidence(More)