Angel Gruev

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Modern information visualization in focussed on new methods for visual mappings and novel strategies for interaction and navigation through various types of view of a visual form. The paper presents the Bloom platform for visualization of complex networks with highly related entities and aggregations, both able to possess complex data attributes. It(More)
Experiments were carried out with the preparation Nilsan (oxiclozanide + levamizal) in the treatment of sheep with Fasciola, Dictyocaulus, and Trichostrongylus infection. The trials involved a total of 2782 sheep on two sheep-breeding farms, constituting 15 flocks. The liveweight of the adult animals ranged from 40 to 60 kg, and that of the year-old female(More)
The antiparasitic effectiveness of Levamizole and Oxyclozamide in the control of paramphistomatosis in sheep and cattle was studied. Experiments were performed in the 1975--1978 period with 1880 sheep and 132 cattle naturally invaded by P. microbothrium. The two drugs were administered orally in the following doses: Levamizole -- 7.5 mg/kg, Oxyclozanide --(More)
Fifty heifers were twice injected with I.C.I. 80, 996 and inseminated 72 h and 96 h after the second administration. Twenty eight of them (56%) became pregnant. Changes in plasma oestradiol-17 beta, progesterone and LH concentrations around the oestrus following the second injection were similar to those occurring in spontaneous oestrus. The pattern of(More)
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