Angel Gonzalez Mendez

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A novel method to produce optical waveguides is demonstrated for lithium niobate (LiNbO(3)). It is based on electronic excitation damage by swift ions, i.e., with energies at approximately 1 MeV/amu or above. The new technique uses high-energy medium-mass ions, such as Cl, with electronic stopping powers above the threshold value for amorphization (5-6(More)
We conducted a computer simulation study to assess the effects of optical layer impairments on optical CDMA (O-CDMA) transmission of 8 asynchronous users at 2.5 Gb/s each user over a 214-km link. It was found that with group velocity dispersion compensation, two other residual effects, namely, the nonzero chromatic dispersion slope of the single mode fiber(More)
Mangrove forests play an important role in biogeochemical cycle of C, storing large amounts of organic carbon. However, these functions can be controlled by the high spatial heterogeneity of these intertidal environments. In this study were performed an intensive sampling characterizing mangrove soils under different type of vegetation(More)
Photovoltaic tweezers are a promising tool to place and move particles on the surface of a photovoltaic material in a controlled way. To exploit this new technique it is necessary to accurately know the electric field created by a specific illumination on the surface of the crystal and above it. This paper describes a numerical algorithm to obtain this(More)
The study of porous materials involves great importance for a vast number of industrial applications. In order to study some specific characteristics of materials, in-silico simulations can be employed. The particular simulation of pore networks described in this work finds its basis in the Dual Site-Bond Model (DSBM). Under this approach, a porous material(More)
Intensity thresholds for the onset of optical damage in alpha-phase proton-exchanged waveguides on undoped LiNbO(3) have been increased from the substrate value to a factor 500 greater. This has been achieved by increasing the exchange time, which in turn increases the [Fe(2+)]/[Fe(3+)] ratio in the guide. Intensity thresholds have been measured with a(More)
Mangrove forests play an important role in biogeochemical cycles of metals, nutrients, and C in coastal ecosystems. However, these functions could be strongly affected by the mangrove soil degradation. In this study, we performed an intensive sampling characterizing mangrove soils under different types of environment (lagoon/gulf) and vegetation(More)
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