Angel Esteban-Gil

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BACKGROUND The secondary use of electronic healthcare records (EHRs) often requires the identification of patient cohorts. In this context, an important problem is the heterogeneity of clinical data sources, which can be overcome with the combined use of standardized information models, virtual health records, and semantic technologies, since each of them(More)
Bovine besnoitiosis is a chronic and debilitating disease observed in many European countries that may cause important economic losses in cattle. The recent widespread of the parasite in Europe had led the European Food Safety Authority to declare bovine besnoitiosis as a re-emerging disease in Europe. Many aspects of the epidemiology of bovine besnoitiosis(More)
OBJECTIVE: Improving the capture, sharing and reuse of clinical research data within a biomedical research institute through the use of semantic case report forms (CRF). BACKGROUND:Biomedical researchers need software solutions that allow working in projects with different, heterogeneous and changing information. A CRF is a set of questionnaires used for(More)
Patient safety and treatment effectiveness can be improved by introducing pharmacogenomic testing into current clinical practice. LOD resources such as DrugBank and SIDER are readily available to be used but are not integrated and cannot be easily exploited by clinical health workers. To overcome these limitations, we have set up a novel pharmacological(More)
The main goal of this paper is to explain how semantic web technologies are supporting the evaluation of the performance of medical professionals. Maximizing the effectiveness of the management of human resources in hospitals would permit to increase the quality of health care. Our proposal is based on our previous results and experience working with(More)
OBJECTIVE: To develop a platform that incorporates the benefits of semantic Web technologies into traditional cancer registries. BACKGROUND: Cancer registries are important for research and the management of the cancer treatment. Many technological solutions are available to manage data for cancer registries nowadays, however, the lack of a well-defined(More)
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