Angel D. Milev

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The aim of this investigation is to report the synthesis and fundamental photochemical properties of naphthalocyanines with potential interest for photodynamic therapy (PDT), as well as their pharmacokinetics and phototherapeutic effects in a tumor model. Four zinc naphthalocyanines (ZnNc), unsubstituted ZnNc 1, tetraacetylamido-substituted ZnNc 2,(More)
The cellular DNA content of 30 benign and 180 malignant breast tumors was analyzed by means of flow cytometry (FCM). All benign tumors exhibited a normal DNA content (diploid), whereas 65% of the malignant tumors showed an abnormal DNA content (aneuploid). The ploidy distribution of malignant tumors was bimodal with an increasing frequency near diploid DNA(More)
Several comparative genomic hybridization studies provide evidence for overrepresentation of the long arm of chromosome 20 in malignant melanoma. These studies also suggest that chromosome 20q contains genes that may contribute to melanoma pathogenesis. To refine the region of 20q amplification and to identify potential candidate genes involved in melanoma(More)
Six cases of primary treated endometrial cancer are included in this research work. Five of these women ended with tumour regression and 2 with pregnancies and deliveries of children. All of the women are still alive without having disease with mean follow-up period of 36.5 months (from 16 to 80 months). We consider that this is very promising method of(More)
Four Zn(II) 2,3-naphthalocyanines (unsubstituted ZnNc1, tetracetylamido substituted ZnNc2, tetramino substituted ZnNc3 and tetramethoxy substituted ZnNc4) incorporated into unilamellar liposomes of dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine have been injected intra-peritoneally (i.p.) (0.25-0.3 mg kg-1) to male C57/Black mice bearing a transplanted Lewis lung(More)
A method has been described for removing leukocytes and thrombocytes from preserved ACD blood and from packed red cells of the same type of blood. A system has been used comprising two connected plastic bags model "Fenval". The leukocyte and thrombocyte removal is performed by two consecutive procedures, each comprising centrifugation with subsequent fast(More)
The effectiveness of a pulsed dye laser (673 nm) for photodynamic therapy (PDT) of tumours in the presence of Zn(II)-phthalocyanine (ZnPc) was evaluated using Lewis lung carcinoma-bearing mice. The tumours were irradiated with different pulse energies (from 0.4 to 10 mJ) at a constant fluence of 0.6 J cm−2 at 24 h after administration of 0.25 mg kg−1 body(More)
Platelet concentrates amounting to 142 X 10(9) +/- 11 X 10(9) cells are prepared by cytopheresis from one liter of blood. Ten of the concentrates are labelled with 51Cr and reinfused autologously. The other ten concentrates are frozen with a controlled rate freezer in a medium containing 10% DMSO and 5% glucose for 7 days at -196 degrees C. The fresh(More)
The quick increase of morbidity, caused by the endometrial carcinoma in our country during recent 15 years from 5,2 to 16,5 per 100,000 raises acutely the question about effective primary and secondary prophylaxis. Having in mind the role of hyperestrogenemia in the etiology of endometrial carcinoma and the fact that the results from its treatment are(More)