Angel Belles

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This study evaluated embryotoxicity and genotoxicity of two dissolved metals copper and cadmium (Cu and Cd) and two pesticides (metolachlor and irgarol) occurring in Arcachon Bay (SW France) in Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas) larvae and investigated the relationship between those two endpoints. Embryotoxicity was measured by calculating the percentage of(More)
POCIS (polar organic chemical integrative samplers) are increasingly used for sampling polar compounds. Although very efficient for a wide range of pollutants, the classic configuration of the device has a number of limitations, in particular for the sampling of highly polar analytes and hydrophobic compounds. This study presents a new version of the POCIS(More)
The purpose of the Water Framework Directive is to ensure the quality of the natural water across Europe. In this context, passive samplers have shown interesting capacities for the monitoring of contaminants in aqueous ecosystems. They allow the measurement of time-weighted average concentrations, overcoming many drawbacks of the spot-sampling techniques(More)
Alcohol-extractable, hydrophobic zein proteins contaminate starch granule surfaces and can be removed by enzymatic digestion with thermolysin. The goal of this research was to find practical alternatives to thermolysin that might be used during the corn wet-milling process. All of the commercial thermostable alkaline proteases studied (SP 709, Neutrase, and(More)
Dwarf eelgrasses (Zostera noltei) populations have decreased since 2005 in Arcachon Bay (southwest France). Various stressors have been pointed out, however the role of xenobiotics like pesticides or copper (Cu) and of parameters like water temperature warming have not yet been explored. To determine their impact, Z. noltei individuals were collected in a(More)
This paper presents an optimization of the pharmaceutical Polar Organic Chemical Integrative Sampler (POCIS-200) under controlled laboratory conditions for the sampling of acidic (2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D), acetochlor ethanesulfonic acid (ESA), acetochlor oxanilic acid, bentazon, dicamba, mesotrione, and metsulfuron) and polar (atrazine,(More)
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