Angel B. Ruiz

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Balancing assembly lines is a crucial task for manufacturing companies in order to improve productivity and minimize production costs. Despite some progress in exact methods to solve large scale problems, softwares implementing simple heuristics are still the most commonly used tools in industry. Some metaheuristics have also been proposed and shown to(More)
In the last 20 years, Emergency Management has received increasing attention from the scientific community. Meanwhile, the study of relief distribution networks has become one of the most popular topics within the Emergency Management field. In fact, the number and variety of contributions devoted to the design or the management of relief distribution(More)
Warehouse or distribution centre managers have to decide how to collect the products to fulfill customers requests but also where to locate the products (SKUs) and how much space to allocate to each of them. Moreover, they have to deploy replenishment strategies to guarantee the reliability of their own stocks. These are challenging decisions because of(More)