Angana Chakraborty

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In this article we propose a Fast Optimal Global Sequence Alignment Algorithm, FOGSAA, which aligns a pair of nucleotide/protein sequences faster than any optimal global alignment method including the widely used Needleman-Wunsch (NW) algorithm. FOGSAA is applicable for all types of sequences, with any scoring scheme, and with or without affine gap penalty.(More)
Clustering of the web sessions to identify the vis-itors' choices while browsing the web pages, is an important problem in web mining. The sequence of pages viewed by the user in a particular time-frame, i.e., the session, captures his/her interest in a specific topic. Clustering of these sessions is therefore needed to provide customized services to the(More)
Locality Sensitive Hashing (LSH) based algorithms have already shown their promise in finding approximate nearest neighbors in high dimensional data space. However, there are certain scenarios, as in sequential data, where the proximity of a pair of points cannot be captured without considering their surroundings or context. In videos, as for example, a(More)
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