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This paper presents electrical beam steering in an integrated 4x4 2D optical phased array (OPA) on a silicon on insulator (SOI) process enabling fast and repeatable beam steering for next generation projection, tracking, and imaging. 1. Introduction Electronically steered phased array transmitters and receivers in microwave and mm-wave range have been(More)
An integrated silicon nanophotonic coherent imager (NCI), with a 4 × 4 array of coherent pixels is reported. In the proposed NCI, on-chip optical processing determines the intensity and depth of each point on the imaged object based on the instantaneous phase and amplitude of the optical wave incident on each pixel. The NCI operates based on a modified(More)
The first integrated wideband laser phase noise reduction scheme is presented where the laser phase noise is first detected using a photonic chip, processed using an electronic chip, and subtracted from the laser phase in a feed-forward manner. The proof-of-concept experiments on a commercially available 1553nm distributed feedback laser show linewidth(More)
Low-power integrated projection technology can play a key role in development of low-cost mobile devices with built-in high-resolution projectors. Low-cost 3D imaging and holography systems are also among applications of such a technology. In this paper, an integrated projection system based on a two-dimensional optical phased array with fast beam steering(More)
For over 30 years, protocols based on the mass spectrometry (MS) of permethylated derivatives, complemented by enzymatic degradations, have underpinned glycomic experiments aimed at defining the structures of individual glycans present in the complex mixtures that are characteristic of biological samples. Both MS instrumentation and sample handling have(More)
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