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Iron-dextran nanoparticles functionalized with T cell activating proteins have been used to study T cell receptor (TCR) signaling. However, nanoparticle triggering of membrane receptors is poorly understood and may be sensitive to physiologically regulated changes in TCR clustering that occur after T cell activation. Nano-aAPC bound 2-fold more TCR on(More)
We determined reactivity of human blood to a vaccine based on the recombinant N-terminus of candidal Als3p (rAls3p-N) in preparation for future clinical trials. Healthy donor plasma had high immunoglobulin G titers (median, 1:51,200) and lower immunoglobulin A (median, 1:3,200) and immunoglobulin E (median, 1:128) titers to rAls3p-N by enzyme-linked(More)
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