Ang Swee Wen

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OBJECTIVE To determine whether performing more maximal inspiratory pressure (MIP) maneuvers per test provides a more accurate assessment of the true maximal inspiratory strength. DESIGN Review of MIP data from 367 tests. Each subject was encouraged to perform 20 MIP maneuvers per test, unless the patient reached the highest measurable pressure three(More)
AIM To identify and compare the expression level of growth-factor-associated genes in human periodontal ligament (PDL) stem cells with dental pulp stem cells isolated from deciduous teeth as well as to assess their suitability in regenerative dentistry. METHODOLOGY Periodontal ligament and dental pulp stem cells were isolated from deciduous teeth. Human(More)
The shape of a NURBS curve or surface is defined by the location of its control points, the control points' weights, and the knot vectors. Most of the curve and surface design tried to modify the control points. However, it is still impossible to obtained accurate control points for a reconstructed NURBS curve or surface. The fitness of these surfaces is(More)
Ship hull form module is the main module in ship design. The problem of creating fair ship hull surface is of major importance in computer aided ship design environment. The fairness of these surfaces is generally considered a subjective notion depending on the judgment of the designers (e.g. visually pleasing, devoid of unnecessary bumps or wiggles,(More)
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