Ang Miin Huey

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Parikh matrix is a numerical property of a word on an ordered alphabet. It is used for studying word in terms of its sub words. It was introduced by Mateescu et al. in 2000. Since then it has been being studied for various ordered alphabets. In this paper Parikh Matrices over tertiary alphabet are investigated. Algorithm is developed to display Parikh(More)
Mateescu et al (2000) introduced an interesting new tool, called Parikh matrix, to study in terms of subwords, the numerical properties of words over an alphabet. The Parikh matrix gives more information than the well-known Parikh vector of a word which counts only occurrences of symbols in a word. In this note a property of two words u, v, called “ratio(More)
To construct an algebraic geometry code from the divisor G of a function field / F K , an explicit basis for the associated Riemann-Roch space L(G) needs to be determined first. When / F K is an elliptic function field with ( ) , F K x y = , it is well known that all elliptic function fields can be divided into two categories depending on the characteristic(More)
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