Angélica Maria Penteado-Dias

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This study provides the first survey of the parasitoid fauna reared in flower heads of Asteraceae in the Brazilian cerrado. We investigated the relative importance of herbivore richness and plant species commonness to differences in parasitoid species richness among the plant species. A total of 15,372 specimens from 192 morphospecies belonging to 103(More)
In the present study, two new species of Pimplinae, Dolichomitus jataisp. n. and Dolichomitus moacyrisp. n. are described, and the distribution range of Dolichomitus annulicornis (Cameron, 1886) is extended. The specimens were collected using Malaise traps in areas of Atlantic forest and Brazilian savannah (cerrado) in southeastern Brazil and are deposited(More)
A junior synonym of the parasitoid wasp genus Notiospathius Matthews and Marsh, Hansonorumsyn. n., with two new combinations, Notiospathius carolinae (Marsh) comb. n. and Notiospathius pauli (Marsh) comb. n., are proposed. Two species of Notiospathius from Brazil originally described in early twentieth century are redescribed, Notiospathius caudatus(More)
The Aleiodes melanopterus (Erichson, 1848) species-group includes 21 species, of which seven are known from the Neotropical region: Aleiodes flavistigma Shaw, 1993, Aleiodes lucidus (Szépligeti, 1906), Aleiodes melanopterus, Aleiodes mexicanus Cresson, 1869, Aleiodes politiceps (Gahan, 1917), and the new species Aleiodes shaworumsp. n. and Aleiodes(More)
The new Neotropical doryctine genus Doryctopambolusgen. n. is erected to contain Doryctopambolus pilcomayensis (van Achterberg & Braet, 2004), comb. n., which was previously placed within Pambolus (Pambolinae), as well as three new species, Doryctopambolus clebschisp. n., Doryctopambolus dominicanussp. n. and Doryctopambolus sarochensissp. n. Members of(More)
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