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Surveys on Coccinellidae (Coleoptera) in Sete Lagoas city, Minas Gerais state, Brazil, indicated the parasitism of adults of the species Coleomegilla maculata De Geer, 1775, Eriopis connexa (Germar, 1824) and Olla v-nigrum (Mulsant, 1866), by Dinocampus coccinellae (Schrank, 1802) (Hymenoptera; Braconidae: Euphorinae). Since then, the parasitoid have been(More)
The parasitoid wasp family Ichneumonidae currently includes approximately 37 subfamilies worldwide. Banchinae subfamily is a cosmopolitan group with three tribes: Atrophini, Banchini and Glyptini, this last characterized with oblique grooves on tergites II-IV, a dorsal subapical notch on the ovipositor, and a median apical impression in the subgenital(More)
Exochus atlanticus sp. n., Melo & Penteado-Dias, and Trieces broadi sp. n., Melo & Penteado-Dias, are described and illustrated in Brazilian fauna. The genus Exochus and the species E. ablatus, E. izbus, T. azipas, T. riodinis, T. wardae, T. upermia and T. wascia, are recorded for the first time from Brazil. Diagnosis and distribution information for each(More)
Chelonus (Microchelonus) murici sp. nov. (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Cheloninae) is described in this work. It was reared from an unknown host in murici fruits, Byrsonima verbascifolia (L.) Rich. ex A. L. Juss. (Malpighiaceae), a species from the Brazilian savannah whose fruits are widely consumed by the population in northern Brazil. The adult of this new(More)
This study aimed to identify parasitoid species of frugivorous larvae and to describe the tritrophic interactions involving wild fruits, frugivorous insects and their natural enemies at Adolpho Ducke Forest Reserve (RFAD) (Manaus, AM, Brazil). Collections were performed in four 1 km2 quadrants in the corners of the RFAD. The wild fruits were collected(More)
A new species of Seticornuta from Brazil is described and illustrated, the first record of this genus for the Brazilian fauna. This new species was found in a study that aimed to enhance knowledge of the Brazilian fauna of Metopiinae, analysing samples from the hydrographic basin of Rio Mogi Guaçu. A diagnosis, along with distribution information for(More)
This study provides the first survey of the parasitoid fauna reared in flower heads of Asteraceae in the Brazilian cerrado. We investigated the relative importance of herbivore richness and plant species commonness to differences in parasitoid species richness among the plant species. A total of 15,372 specimens from 192 morphospecies belonging to 103(More)