Angélica A. A. Silveira

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Temporin A (TA) and a cecropin A-temporin A hybrid peptide (CATA) were synthesized and assayed for their hemolytic, anticoagulant, and antifungal properties. CATA retains significant antifungal activity, is less hemolytic than TA, and inhibits blood coagulation. These results recommend further studies of the biological activities of CATA.
Intravascular hemolysis, or the destruction of red blood cells in the circulation, can occur in numerous diseases, including the acquired hemolytic anemias, sickle cell disease and β-thalassemia, as well as during some transfusion reactions, preeclampsia and infections, such as those caused by malaria or Clostridium perfringens. Hemolysis results in the(More)
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