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Alternating sign matrices with a U–turn boundary (UASMs) are a recent generalization of ordinary alternating sign matrices. Here we show that variations of these matrices are in bijective correspondence with certain symplectic shifted tableaux that were recently introduced in the context of a symplectic version of Tokuyama's deformation of Weyl's(More)
MOTIVATION A major challenge in gene expression analysis is effective data organization and visualization. One of the most popular tools for this task is hierarchical clustering. Hierarchical clustering allows a user to view relationships in scales ranging from single genes to large sets of genes, while at the same time providing a global view of the(More)
We give a bijective proof of an identity relating primed shifted gl(n)-standard tableaux to the product of a gl(n) character in the form of a Schur function and 1≤i<j≤n (x i + y j). This result generalises a number of well–known results due to Robbins and Rumsey, Chapman, Tokuyama, Okada and Macdonald. An analogous result is then obtained in the case of(More)
Consider a game in a given set of intervals (and their implied interval graph G) in which the adversary chooses an independent set X in G. The goal is to discover this hidden independent set X by making the fewest queries of the form " Is point p covered by an interval in X? " Our interest in this problem stems from two applications: experimental gene(More)
A contract algorithm is an algorithm which is given, as part of the input, a specified amount of allowable computation time. The algorithm must then compute a solution within the al-loted time. An interruptible algorithm, in contrast, can be interrupted at an arbitrary point in time and must produce a solution. It is known that contract algorithms can(More)