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This study draws upon the technology acceptance model as the theoretical basis and empirical findings for a pragmatic explanation of key factors affecting personal computing acceptance in small firms. The study uses results from a survey of 358 users in small firms in New Zealand to test a structural model examining the hypothesized relationships among the(More)
The adoption of Internet technologies by the small business sector is important to their ongoing survival. Yet, given the opportunities and benefits that Internet technologies can provide it has been shown that Australian small businesses are relatively slow in adopting them. This paper develops a model from recent literature on the facilitators and(More)
Many of our discussions with practitioners and theorists brought out the problem of lagging diffusion of Interorganisational Systems (IOS). In spite of the Internet revolution and growing numbers of EDI users, acceptance of IOS has been rather slow, measured by the technology's potentials. Where IOS systems have been implemented, they often have to struggle(More)