Anette Mortensen

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This technical report describes our evaluation of the Kinect depth sensor by Microsoft for Computer Vision applications. The depth sensor is able to return images like an ordinary camera, but instead of color, each pixel value represents the distance to the point. As such, the sensor can be seen as a rangeor 3D-camera. We have used the sensor in several(More)
The prevalence of childhood obesity is increasing. The focus of this review is the special anesthetic considerations regarding the perioperative management of obese children. With obesity the risk of comorbidity such as asthma, obstructive sleep apnea, hypertension, and diabetes increases. The obese child has an increased risk of perioperative complications(More)
We present three cases of fixated vascular injection ports. Two patients had cystic fibrosis and one had an immunological defect. All catheters were made from polyurethane and implanted in adolescent patients. Indwelling time were 6-8 years. One patient's catheter was entirely integrated in the vessel wall and impossible to remove. In the other two cases,(More)
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