Anette Lykke Hindhede

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the capacity of a superabsorbent dressing (DryMax Extra; AbsorbestAB) to manage excessive exudate, thereby protecting peri-wound skin and facilitating wound healing. METHOD Patients with acute and chronic wounds of various aetiology were assessed, and treatment of their wounds with the superabsorbent dressing was evaluated. The(More)
This article provides an example of the application of social network analysis method to assess community participation thereby strengthening planning and implementation of health promotion programming. Community health promotion often takes the form of services that reach out to or are located within communities. The concept of community reflects the idea(More)
Aim The aim was to explore the extent to which a Danish prevention centre catered to marginalised groups within the catchment area. We determined whether the district's socio-economic vulnerability status and distance from the citizens' residential sector to the centre influenced referrals of citizens to the centre, their attendance at initial appointment,(More)
BACKGROUND Individual-based interventions aim to improve patient self-management of chronic disease and to improve lifestyle among people at high risk, to reduce the prevalence of diseases contributing to health inequality. The present study investigates risk factors for uncompleted health interventions, via a combination of quantitative and qualitative(More)
Motivational interviewing is a counseling method used to bring about behavior change; its application by school nurses for preventing obesity in children is still new. This study, based on in-depth interviews with 12 school nurses, shows how school nurses adapted motivational interviewing and integrated it into their daily practice along with other methods(More)
PURPOSE It has been argued by researchers from the Anglo-Saxon nations that the rationality of the market has increasingly infiltrated the medical field. This paper seeks to enquire via policy analysis to what extent these principles have affected the prototypical welfare state of Denmark in relation to Danish hearing health policies. (More)
Focusing on the largest and, arguably, the least visible disability group, the hearing impaired, this paper explores present-day views and understandings of hearing impairment and rehabilitation in a Danish context, with particular focus on working-age adults with late onset of hearing impairment. The paper shows how recent changes in perception of the(More)
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