Anette Kjaerbye-Thygesen

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OBJECTIVES To determine the CA125 tissue expression levels in borderline and invasive epithelial ovarian tumor tissues. Secondly, to evaluate whether CA125 tissue expression levels correlate with clinico-pathological parameters and serum CA125 levels and finally to investigate the prognostic value of tissue CA125 expression levels in ovarian cancer (OC)(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine period-, age- and histology-specific trends in the incidence rate of borderline ovarian tumors in Denmark in 1978-2006. DESIGN Register-based cohort study. SETTING Denmark 1978-2006. POPULATION 5079 women diagnosed with a borderline ovarian tumor in at least one of two nationwide registries (4312 epithelial tumors and 767(More)
OBJECTIVES The prognostic impact of risk factors for ovarian cancer development is sparsely explored, but previous sterilisation has been shown to have a negative impact on survival. METHODS Ovarian cancer cases were from the Danish MALOVA study. Information on previous pelvic surgery as well as reproductive variables was obtained from a personal(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the study population and estimate overall survival of women with a serous "borderline" ovarian tumor (SBT) in Denmark over 25 years relative to the general population. METHODS The Danish Pathology Data Bank and the Danish Cancer Registry were used to identify 1487 women diagnosed with SBTs from 1978 to 2002. The histologic slides(More)
BACKGROUND The Nordic countries are well-known high-incidence areas of ovarian cancer, but even within the Nordic countries, differences exist. METHODS Focus in this descriptive epidemiological study is to assess developments in incidence and mortality of ovarian cancer in Denmark 1978-2002 and to make a comparison with the development in the other Nordic(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the prognostic significance of histologic grade on survival of ovarian serous cancer in Denmark during nearly 30 years. METHODS Using the nationwide Danish Pathology Data Bank, we evaluated 4317 women with ovarian serous carcinoma in 1978-2006. All pathology reports were scrutinized and tumors classified as either low-grade serous(More)
INTRODUCTION Ovarian cancer (OC) registrations in the Danish Cancer Registry (CR) and the Danish Pathology Data Bank (PDB) 1978-99 were compared in order to assess the possibility of identifying OC cases from another data source than the CR. MATERIAL AND METHODS A total of 13,320 OC were identified in the CR/PDB and comparisons of the registrations were(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to characterize women who, in spite of a low body mass index (BMI), considered themselves too heavy. METHOD Of 11,905 women (27-38 years of age), we focused on 2,443 nonpregnant women with a low BMI (18.5-21.0 kg/m(2)), who considered their weight acceptable or too heavy. Participants completed a comprehensive(More)
OBJECTIVE Smoking and overweight are associated with poorer prognosis in several cancer types. The prognostic effect of smoking and body mass index (BMI) on ovarian cancer is unknown. METHODS Ovarian cancer cases were from the Danish MALOVA (MALignant OVArian cancer) study. Information on smoking status and BMI was obtained from a personal interview(More)
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