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In a meta-analysis we investigated the effect of physical activity with different intensity categories on all-cause mortality. Many studies have reported positive effects of regular physical activity on primary prevention. This recent meta-analysis analyzed all-cause mortality with special reference to intensity categories. A computerized systematic(More)
BACKGROUND Dyspeptic symptoms are commonly reported complaints in clinical practice and are mostly the result of functional disorders. Empirical treatment with histamine H2-receptor blockers or gastroprokinetics for 2-4 weeks has frequently been proposed as first line management of these patients. The clinical trials which support the use of these agents,(More)
House dust mite (HDM) allergens are perennial indoor allergens, which may play a role as allergic trigger factors in atopic dermatitis (AD). Facilitated by their high enzymatic activity, HDM allergens are capable of penetrating the impaired epidermal skin barrier in patients with AD, gaining access to immune cells. In this way, HDM allergens induce both(More)
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