Anetta Bolejko

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RATIONALE Experiencing a false-positive screening mammography can cause considerable psychosocial distress. The Consequences of Screening - Breast Cancer questionnaire (COS-BC parts 1 and 2), recently developed in Denmark, is the only condition-specific questionnaire for measuring short- and long-term psychosocial consequences of false-positive mammographic(More)
AIM To evaluate the psychometric properties of a questionnaire addressing psychosocial consequences of false-positive mammographic screening. BACKGROUND The Consequences of Screening--Breast Cancer and Lung Cancer questionnaires target psychosocial consequences of false-positive cancer screening. The Consequences of Screening--Breast Cancer questionnaire(More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To explore coping with the perceived psychosocial consequences of a false-positive screening mammography. BACKGROUND Mammographic screening has been found effective to decrease breast cancer (BC) mortality, yet there are adverse effects. Psychosocial consequences of false-positive mammographic screening have mainly been investigated(More)
BACKGROUND Cancer screening aims to detect cancer at an asymptomatic stage, although side effects from screening also occur. We investigated the prevalence, longitudinal development, and predictors of psychosocial consequences of false-positive breast cancer screening. METHODS Three hundred ninety-nine women with false-positive screening mammography(More)
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