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Electromagnetically generated extracorporeal shock waves (without waterbath) were applied after intravenous premedication with 10-15 mg diazepam and 100 mg tramadol in the treatment of 33 patients (aged 32 to 91 years) with multiple intrahepatic stones (n = 4) or huge common bile duct stones (n = 29, 18-30 mm in diameter), which could not be removed by(More)
W e have reviewed 81 patients with fractures of the odontoid process treated between May 1983 and July 1997, by anterior screw fixation. There were 29 patients with Anderson and D'Alonzo type-II fractures and 52 with type III. Roy-Camille's classification identified the direction and instability of the fracture. Operative fixation was carried out on 48 men(More)
Catheter ablation of para-Hisian premature ventricular contractions (PVCs) still represents a challenge and is a compromise between success and inadvertent AV block. We describe a possible strategy to address PVCs from this location with high-amplitude His-bundle potentials at the site of earliest activation.
The variations of fibrinogen, alpha-antitrypsin, haptoglobin and C-reactive protein (CRP) were compared in sera from patients with a cranial trauma. All these protein concentrations were increased with CRP variation being the most marked and the most rapid. The prognostic and diagnostic value of CRP determination was studied in a series of 88 patients(More)
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