Aneta Wróblewska

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We say that the sequence g n , n ≥ 3, n → ∞ of polynomial transformation bijective maps of free module K n over commutative ring K is a sequence of stable degree if the order of g n is growing with n and the degree of each nonidentical polynomial map of kind g n k is an independent constant c. A transformation b = τ g n k τ −1 , where τ is affine bijection,(More)
– Let K be a finite commutative ring and f = f (n) a bijective polynomial map f (n) of the Cartesian power K n onto itself of a small degree c and of a large order. Let f y be a multiple composition of f with itself in the group of all polynomial automorphisms, of free module K n. The discrete logarithm problem with the "pseudorandom" base f (n) (solve f y(More)
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