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The trend to ornamenting the human body by piercings and tattoos which is observed all over the world is becoming more and more popular. The aim of this research was to compare the frequency of complications occurring after piercing and tattooing and to analyze the conditions under which the procedures were performed. The research was based on the results(More)
The aim of this study is to examine the prevalence of underweight, overweight and obesity, using International Obesity Task Force (IOTF) criteria, in four cohorts of children and adolescents living in Poland in different economic eras: communist economy (1977/1978), crisis of the 1980s (1987/1988), political and economic transformation (1992/1994) and the(More)
BACKGROUND Body ornamentation is becoming more and more popular, especially among young people. AIMS To establish the sociodemographic characteristics of people with tattoos or body piercing and to analyze the motivations for body ornamentation. METHODS The questionnaire studies were undertaken in Lodz--one of the largest cities in Poland. The data was(More)
UNLABELLED Transsexualism is considered to be an extreme end in a large group of gender identity disorders. Two main types of transsexualism are identified: male-to-female (MtF) and female-to-male (FtM). Transsexual persons have a feeling of being incarcerated in a foreign body and therefore they wish to change their sex by hormone therapy and surgical(More)
BACKGROUND Light skin pigmentation is a known risk factor for skin cancer. OBJECTIVE Skin color parameters and Fitzpatrick phototypes were evaluated in terms of their usefulness in predicting the risk of skin cancer. METHODS A case-control study involved 133 individuals with skin cancer (100 with basal cell carcinoma, 21 with squamous cell carcinoma, 12(More)
The paper analyzes data concerning the constitutive skin and hair pigmentation of 7-10-year-old Polish children to examine whether the hormonal activity of the gonads, which increases in this period, causes changes in pigmentation levels that may be considered an early sign of puberty. The study involved 289 children (151 girls and 138 boys). Skin(More)
INTRODUCTION During the last few decades the meaning of anthropometric methods has increased. Many medical disciplines use measurements of human body in clinical diagnosis, treatment planning and determining the best time for operation. In Polish literature current norms for nose development do not exist, however nose is particulary often the subject of(More)
Tattoos and body piercing are forms of body decoration that have been known for ages. The use of such ornamentation is becoming more and more common. Researchers attempt to explain the meaning of this phenomenon within the discipline of behavioural ecology, attributing a sexual selection aspect to body decoration, and thus interpreting it in an evolutionary(More)
Males and females differ in their preference for occupations and sporting activities, and differ also in risk-taking attitudes. In addition to other explanations, prenatal hormone exposure has been implicated in these gender-associated differences. The ratio of the relative lengths of the second-to-fourth digits (2D:4D) is a proxy indicator of prenatal(More)
Twenty-two variants (single nucleotide polymorphisms - SNPs) of the genes involved in hair pigmentation (OCA2, HERC2, MC1R, SLC24A5, SLC45A2, TPCN2, TYR, TYRP1) were genotyped in a group of 186 Polish participants, representing a range of hair colours (45 red, 64 blond, 77 dark). A genotype-phenotype association analysis was performed. Using z-statistics we(More)