Aneta Pavlenko

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In this paper, I argue that current approaches to modeling of concepts in bilingual memory privilege word representation at the expense of concept representation. I identify four problems with the study of concepts in bilingual memory: con ̄ation of semantic and conceptual levels of representation; scarcity of methods targeting conceptual representation;(More)
In the past decade, language memoirs, linguistic autobiographies, and learners’ journals and diaries have become a popular means of data collection in applied linguistics. It is not always clear however how one should go about analyzing these data. The aim of this paper is to offer a critical review of analytical frameworks applied to second language users’(More)
A recent study by Keysar, Hayakawa, and An (2012) suggests that "thinking in a foreign language" may reduce decision biases because a foreign language provides a greater emotional distance than a native tongue. The possibility of such "disembodied" cognition is of great interest for theories of affect and cognition and for many other areas of psychological(More)
Recent research in linguistics singles out emotion words as different from other abstract words. The goal of this article is to examine five factors that may impact the use of L2 emotion vocabulary. The first study considers the impact of language proficiency, gender, and extraversion on the use of emotion words in the advanced French interlanguage of 29(More)
The purpose of this paper is to offer a tentative historiography of the emergence of one language ideology, that of English as the one and only language of American national identity. I will examine the appearance and growth of this ideology from the 18th to the 20th century, ending with the post-World War I period when three discourses, that of(More)
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