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BACKGROUND Given the generally accepted poor outcome of inguinal hernia repair when using nylon darn, and the recent interest in low-tension mesh repair, an attempt was made to demonstrate the feasibility, outcome and patient perception of providing Lichtenstein inguinal hernia repair, using local anaesthesia, wholly within the primary healthcare sector. (More)
Solid State Nuclear Track Detectors of the CR-39∕PM-355 type were irradiated with protons with energies in the range from 0.2 to 8.5 MeV. Their intensities and energies were controlled by a Si surface barrier detector located in an accelerator scattering chamber. The ranges of protons with energies of 6-7 MeV were comparable to the thickness of the PM-355(More)
This work concerns the influence of high temperatures on tracks induced in solid state nuclear track detectors of the CR-39/PM-355 type. In order to investigate this effect some samples of the detectors were irradiated with energetic protons and α particles and subsequently heated under controlled temperatures for different periods of time. After heating(More)
The authors made an effort to verify the connection between the presence of risk factors for GDM and results of screening and diagnostic tests. Study group consisted 302 patients. Gestational diabetes was more frequently diagnosed when an excessive maternal weight and family history of diabetes occurred. Among women with gestational diabetes recognised on(More)
Possession of the offspring and experiencing maternity is desired by many women, including solid-organ transplant recipients. The number of women post liver transplantation (LT) in reproductive age in the USA is approximately 14 000 and raises up to 500 more new cases each year. Moreover, 1/3 of LTs is performed in women of reproductive age. It is necessary(More)
This paper presents a method which uses the characteristics of the etch pits induced in a polyallyl-diglycol-carbonate (PADC) detector of the CR-39/PM-355 type to estimate particle energy. This method is based on the data provided by a semiautomatic system that selects tracks according to two parameters, crater diameters, and mean gray level values. In this(More)
Blood-group antigens found on uroepithelial cells and in the secretions may affect bacterial adherence and thereby the predisposition to urinary tract infection. We determined P1, Lewis-blood-group phenotype and secretor status in patients with diabetes mellitus: 12 with asymptomatic bacteriuria and 7 without its presence. There was no difference between(More)
Our purpose was to determine the incidence of screening for gestational diabetes among the population of women delivering at I and II Departments of the First Faculty of Medical University in Warsaw. A retrospective review of 647 pregnancies was performed. The incidence of gestational diabetes mellitus screening was determined and the rate of occurrence of(More)
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