Aneta Gregorczyk

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A total of 763 fecal samples were collected from dogs in Western Pomerania during 2006-2007 to determine the gastrointestinal parasite fauna of dogs in this region. In the city of Szczecin, 648 fecal samples were collected every month in the annual cycle from nine city areas and analysed. Six fecal samples were taken at each collection time from each site.(More)
A group of 22 patients with aortic dissection (type I, II and III acc. to De Bakey's classification) and surgically implanted aortic prosthetic grafts was studied, CT scanning is useful in visualizing aortic prosthetic grafts. Dacron vascular prostheses, initially clearly visible give weaker shadows with time, whereas homografts with time, contrast with(More)
Computerized tomography (CT) of the sella turcica was performed in 106 women with hypothalamic-hypophyseal-ovarian hypofunction, aged from 15 to 50 years. In each patient we evaluated tomographically hypophyseal volume and subarachnoid space cistern invaginated into the sella turcica. We analysed statistically the incidence of amenorrhea, infertility,(More)
Patterns of angiographic images of neoplastic metastases in the liver have been evaluated in 41 patients the cancer of various organs. It has been demonstrated that metastatic focuses showed vascularization independent from the histological tumor type. Metastases of the pancreatic adenocarcinoma were characterized by extremely poor vascularization. However,(More)
Based upon literature and personal experience the authors review radiological techniques of evaluating colonic transit time in functional disorders of the large intestine. The distribution of given per os markers in the whole colon indicates prolonged transit time, which takes place in constipation of colonic inertia type. In the case of markers(More)
A rare case of myocardial infarction developing in the course of congestive cardiomyopathy has been reported. The author describes diagnostic difficulties associated with the presence of combined heart diseases. The role of newer diagnostic methods (determination of CK-MB activity, Tl201 scintigraphy) has been pointed to in establishing the correct(More)