Aneta Baryluk

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PURPOSE To investigate the intraocular effect of rhodamine 6G (R6G) on retinal structures and function in an in vivo rat model and to develop an in vivo method for accurate evaluation of new dyes for intraocular surgery. METHODS R6G in physiologic saline solution (PSS) was injected into the vitreous of adult Brown Norway rats at concentrations of 0.0002%,(More)
To assess the safety and to quantify the effects of a single application of all-trans-N-retinylacetamide on the rat retina measured by electroretinography (ERG). Brown Norway rats were assigned to either a control group (n = 13) or to one of the three groups treated with a single intra-peritoneal dose of all-trans-N-retinylacetamide: 20 (n = 8), 5 (n = 7),(More)
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