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—In this paper, a closed-form matrix rational-approximation algorithm is proposed to efficiently model the delay and crosstalk noise of coupled RLC on-chip interconnects. A key feature of the proposed algorithm is that, for any rational order, the approximation is obtained analytically in terms of predetermined coefficients and the per-unit-length(More)
—This paper presents a delay and crosstalk noise model for coupled resistance-inductance-capacitance (RLC) on-chip interconnects. The proposed algorithm, based on a modified Lie formula, is used to convert the solution of the transmission line network into delay algebraic equations to obtain the time domain response. The proposed algorithm is not limited to(More)
—This paper presents a numerical convolution based approach for transient simulation of distributed networks characterized by band limited frequency domain data when terminated with arbitrary nonlinear circuits. The proposed algorithm uses time-frequency decompositions to extract multiple propagation delays of a distributed network and the associated(More)