Anegen Trillingsgaard

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This paper describes the development of a new parent questionnaire (“Five to Fifteen”, or the FTF) for elicitation of symptoms and problems typical of ADHD and its comorbidities. The FTF comprises 181 statements related to behavioural or developmental problems that can be endorsed as either “does not apply” (0), applies sometimes or to some extent” (1),(More)
The Five to Fifteen parent questionnaire (FTF) was developed to offer a neuropsychological dimension to the assessment of children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and other child psychiatric disorders. The domains included in the FTF were motor skills, executive functions, perception, memory, language, social skills and learning, in addition(More)
The aim was to explore the comorbidity between Angelman syndrome and autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). Identification of autism in children with Angelman syndrome presents a diagnostic challenge. In the present study, 16 children with Angelman syndrome, all with a 15q11-13 deletion, were examined for ASDs. Thirteen children with Angelman syndrome received(More)
OBJECTIVE The study examined executive function deficits (EFD) in school-age children (7 to 14 years) with ADHD. METHOD A clinical sample of children diagnosed with ADHD (n = 49) was compared to a population sample (n = 196) on eight executive function (EF) measures. Then, the prevalence of EFD in clinical and non-clinical children was examined at the(More)
OBJECTIVE The study investigates behavioural, academic, cognitive, and motivational aspects of functioning in school-age children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) with and without an executive function deficit (EFD). METHOD Children with ADHD--EFD (n = 22) and children with ADHD + EFD (n = 26) were compared on aspects of ADHD(More)
A cohort of children who attended first grade in 1983 was identified in a Danish community with low-level lead pollution. Two groups with high and low postnatal lead exposure were generated on the basis of the dentin-lead concentration in shed deciduous incisors. At age 8 years, examination of 162 children matched according to gender and socioeconomic(More)
The increasing recognition of the benefits of early intervention for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) stresses the importance of early identification of children who might benefit from those programs. However, in the early years of life it may be difficult to distinguish children with ASD from children with other developmental disorders. The aim(More)
This study examines reliability and validity and establish Danish norms for the Danish version of the Beck Youth Inventories (BYI) (Beck, Beck & Jolly, 2001), which consists of five self-report scales; Self-Concept (BSCI), Anxiety (BAI), Depression (BDI), Anger (BANI) and Disruptive Behavior (BDBI). A total of 1,116 school children and 128 clinical(More)
The aim of the present study was to examine gender differences in children with inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity on the Five to Fifteen (FTF) parent questionnaire. First, non-referred girls (n = 43) and boys (n = 51) with problems of attention and hyperactivity-impulsivity and then clinic-referred girls (n = 35) and boys (n = 66) with(More)
Experimental and observational data has long implicated automobile exhaust from leaded petrol as a major source of human lead exposure. The present study evaluates the association of individual traffic exposure with individual lead absorption. A case-referent study was carried out on 1302 out of 2412 children in the municipality of Aarhus - Denmark. Shed(More)